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Light Roast Transparent Overdrive


Designed from the ground up. The Light Roast Overdrive gives your guitar a lively tone, with delicate hints of harmonics and nuanced overdriven flavor profile, highlighting the distinct qualities of your guitar’s original tone. Adjust the Expand control for a brighter and more vibrant cup of your guitar’s tone. In all seriousness, the LROD is an original transparent overdrive pedal design that adds “more” of your guitar WITHOUT coloring your tone like a tube screamer or bluesbreaker. Using a combination of MOSFETs and transistors, the circuit is able achieve a fresh new overdriven sound more like your amps natural breakup. The circuit was designed to pair with high headroom pedal platform amplifiers (both tube and solid state) that felt too stiff and didn’t break up when digging in. Perfect for adding that “edge of break-up” or cranked amp touch and feel to a clean amplifier.  Think of the Light Roast as an extra preamp gain stage for your amp that you can drive hard with fuzz, boosts and other drive pedals.
  • Drive Range: Natural light to medium overdrive.
  • Jacks:Top Mount Jacks
  • Power: 9-18 volt neg. center pin ONLY.
  • Current draw: 8mA @ 9v.
  • True Bypass switching